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Back to School pencil holder

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It’s back to school time! It may look a little different at the moment but we can still make it exciting for our kids by making a fun craft!

This simple pencil holder is fun to create with your child if they are younger or if they are older, they can create it on their own. Please see you step by step guide below.


In your kit, you will have the following- 1 Mason jar, popsicle sticks, glue and ribbon

Step #1: Remove the top from your mason jar. Place a small amount of glue on your mason jar. If you use too much, the glue will come through but you can wipe it off.

Step #2: Start placing your popsicle sticks on the mason jar where you have placed your glue. Make sure they all line up and are straight.

Step #3: Continue to apply glue to your mason jar section by section. Then add in your popsicle sticks, one by one.

Step #4: Give your pencil holder a few minutes dry. When your glue is dry, lay your pencil holder to the side and tie the ribbon around your new creation. You are welcome to cut the ribbon if you’d like to make it shorter.

Yay!! You are all set! Now you have a really fun new pencil holder that you can place on your desk or new virtual school workspace!

Wishing you an amazing new school year! If you have any questions about the craft or any party ideas, please make sure to contact us at Parties on Purpose! be sure to visit us on Instagram for the newest party ideas!

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